The fields of Sales, Marketing, and Distribution are subject to constant change. The responsibility for a successful sale is no longer limited to the “field service department.”  The interaction between specialized departments such as logistics, IT, back office, field service, and customer account management are crucial for success. The contribution of these departments can make or break the effectiveness of even the best sales department if their inputs are not considered and implemented as necessary.

Our services are geared towards everyone who plays a role in the sales, marketing, and distribution process. Our goal is to have your departments increase their customer awareness such that both internal and external customers are treated with the right level of attention and understanding. With regards to actual sales competence, our experience is that Salespersons benefit from annual coaching and development.

We offer custom-made development programs for sales, marketing, and distribution staff as well as for the internal supporting departments.

A particular challenge is the management of sales business units. Short term and long term goals are often difficult to reconcile. In the short term, sales departments are dealing with highly ambitious salespeople, an environment where staff is constantly being measured by their sales results, and a roller-coaster of achievements and disappointments. In the long term, sales forces have to build and maintain good customer relationships. The result is a demanding emotional blend for sales forces and their executives. We offer programs specifically tailored for sales managers and executives to deal with these tricky circumstances.