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Our team – the substance of CONTRACT

Consultants with very different professions, cultures and languages come together and develop products, formats and processes for you and with you.
For us, corporate development is not just a matter of the management, but of a team. That’s why we are always looking for matching structures internally. We work together in various projects, exchange our experiences and learnings and use our differences to enrich each other.

Dynamic product development

We pursue our internal product development and knowledge management with agile methods in dynamic small teams, often collectively with our customers. Here we work on the consolidation, redevelopment and internal transfer of our products and methods. Here we exchange views on current theories and check whether and how they can supplement our consulting work. We cooperate across locations and thus across continents. In this way, we gather different perspectives and cultural requirements almost automatically. Our professional and cultural diversity benefits our clients in consulting as well as in training and coaching.

On-site networking

Each of our consultants belong to a location team. Here they discuss corporate development even beyond large strategy meetings. And here they reflect on their personal development and address personal concerns. In this way, we strengthen collaboration and networking and create an inspiring, encouraging environment for personal and entrepreneurial initiatives.


You have a question, are curious about how we work or just happen to be nearby? Visit us, we look forward to chat with you over a cup of coffee in one of our offices!

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